Monday, November 7, 2011


Where do all the missing socks go?? Is there a family of Mix Matched Sock wearing Monsters that lives in an endless void somewhere between the laundry basket and the laundry room stealing single socks of all sizes?

Sure, grown adult socks are small compared to the rest of the items in a grown adult load of laundry, but how the heck is one supposed to expect that an infant's teeny tiny sock is not going to disappear in the great mysterious single sock void?

Amazingly, we have found all of Henry's lost socks (so far). We should win a prize! When I see a Singleton I get sad because it's so cute and now so lonely without its mate. I do not discard the Singleton in hopes of the return of its mate. Or if the mate remains MIA, there is sure to be another Singleton down the road that we can mix match it with so as not to be left with cold feet and also to match the monster in the single sock void who wears mix match socks.

Singleton found!
I retrace the path to and from the washer and drier where it was last seen. Sometimes I'm lucky to find the Singleton has decided to take a leap from the basket and is left alone on the stairs. Other times, it has never made it into the drier and is found plastered to the inside of the washer. The last Singleton scare we had did not last but a day and when Dad got dressed for work, he had the MIA Singleton hiding in his shirt!!

Singletons Reunite!

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