Monday, November 7, 2011

Tag Team Vaccines

On November 2nd, Henry received his first series of vaccines. He seemed pretty relaxed in the beginning...

Then the two nurses came in, one with one needle and the other with two needles!

I unbuttoned his very cute autumn outfit to expose his meaty thighs and they quickly (before I could capture a photo, plus I was consoling him and didn't want to look either!!) stabbed him and injected the vaccinations into his little legs.

There was a bit of a delayed reaction and for that brief second I thought, what a champion of a boy, he's not even going to...and then he did it, he let out with a heart wrenching cry! My voice, my touch, my wanting to cry with him did nothing. Not even the crayola band-aides made him feel better!

I picked him up and still screaming, the nurses suggest I sit and nurse him to soothe him. And low and behold, it worked! Phew!!

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